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Kalliope is a database containing old Danish poetry and associated biographical data. The goal is no less than to collect all of the older Danish poetry, but until then, Kalliope will contain a representative and still growing selection. Kalliope also contains poetry in English and other languages, but primarily as reference material to the Danish collection.
The English version of Kalliope released today. Hvis du ser denne engelske side og ønsker den danske, skal du klikke for flaget nederst på siden.

 I fynde no peace and all my warr is done,
     I fere and hope, I burn and freise like yse,
     I fley above the wynde yet can I not arrise,
     And noght I have and all the worold I seson.
 That loseth nor locketh, holdeth me in prison
     And holdeth me not, yet can I scape no wise;
     Nor letteth me lyve nor dye at my devise
     And yet of deth it gyveth me occasion.
 Withoute Iyen I se and withoute tong I plain,
     I desire to perisshe and yet I aske helthe,
     I love an othre and thus I hate my self,
 I fede me in sorrowe and laugh in all my pain,
     Likewise displeaseth me boeth deth and lyffe,
     And my delite is causer of this stryff.

Sir Thomas Wyatt
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