The Fables, Volume 1 (1727)

        IntroductionThe Shepard and the Philosopher
        Fable IThe Lion, the Tiger, and the Traveller
        Fable IIThe Spaniel and the Cameleon
        Fable IIIThe Mother, the Nurse, and the Fairy
        Fable IVThe Eagle, and the Assembly of Animals
        Fable VThe wild Boar and the Ram
        Fable VIThe Miser and Plutus
        Fable VIIThe Lion, the Fox, and the Geese
        Fable VIIIThe Lady and the Wasp
        Fable IXThe Bull and the Mastiff
        Fable XThe Elephant and the Bookseller
        Fable XIThe Peacock, the Turkey, and the Goose
        Fable XIICupid, Hymen, and Plutus
        Fable XIIIThe Tame Stag
        Fable XIVThe Monkey who had seen the World
        Fable XVThe Philosopher and the Pheasants
        Fable XVIThe Pin and the Needle
        Fable XVIIThe Shepherd's Dog and the Wolf
        Fable XVIIIThe Painter who pleased Nobody and Everybody
        Fable XIXThe Lion and the Cub
        Fable XXThe Old Hen and the Cock
        Fable XXIThe Rat-catcher and Cats
        Fable XXIIThe Goat without a Beard
        Fable XXIIIThe Old Woman and her Cats
        Fable XXIVThe Butterfly and the Snail
        Fable XXVThe Scold and the Parrot
        Fable XXVIThe Cur and the Mastiff
        Fable XXVIIThe Sick Man and the Angel
        Fable XXVIIIThe Persian, the Sun, and the Cloud
        Fable XXIXThe Fox at the point of Death
        Fable XXXThe Setting-dog and the Partridge
        Fable XXXIThe Universal Apparition
        Fable XXXIIThe Two Owls and the Sparrow
        Fable XXXIIIThe Courtier and Proteus
        Fable XXXIVThe Mastiffs
        Fable XXXVThe Barley-mow and the Dunghill
        Fable XXXVIPythagoras and the Countryman
        Fable XXXVIIThe Farmer's Wife and the Raven
        Fable XXXVIIIThe Turkey and the Ant
        Fable XXXIXThe Father and Jupiter
        Fable XLThe Two Monkeys
        Fable XLIThe Owl and the Farmer
        Fable XLIIThe Jugglers
        Fable XLIIIThe Council of Horses
        Fable XLIVThe Hound and the Huntsman
        Fable XLVThe Poet and the Rose
        Fable XLVIThe Cur, the Horse, and the Shepherd's Dog
        Fable XLVIIThe Court of Death
        Fable XLVIIIThe Gardener and the Hog
        Fable XLIXThe Man and the Flea
        Fable LThe Hare and many Friends