Olney Hymns (1779)

        Hymn 1. Walking with God
        Hymn 2. Jehovah-Jireh, The Lord Will Provide
        Hymn 3. Jehovah-Rophi, I Am the Lord that Healeth Thee
        Hymn 4. Jehovah-Nissi, The Lord My Banner
        Hymn 5. Jehovah-Shalem, The Lord Send Peace
        Hymn 6. Wisdom
        Hymn 7. Vanity of the World
        Hymn 8. O Lord, I Will Praise Thee!
        Hymn 9. The Contrite Heart
        Hymn 10. The Future Peace and Glory of the Church
        Hymn 11. Jehovah Our Righteousness
        Hymn 12. Ephraim Repenting
        Hymn 13. The Covenant
        Hymn 14. Jehovah-Shammah
        Hymn 15. Praise for the Fountain Opened
        Hymn 16. The Sower
        Hymn 17. The House of Prayer
        Hymn 18. Lovest Thou Me?
        Hymn 19. Contentment
        Hymn 20. Old-Testament Gospel
        Hymn 21. Sardis
        Hymn 22. Prayer for a Blessing
        Hymn 23. Pleading for and with Youth
        Hymn 24. Prayer for Children
        Hymn 25. Jehovah-Jesus
        Hymn 26. On Opening a Place for Social Prayer
        Hymn 27. Welcome to the Table
        Hymn 28. Jesus Hasting to Suffer
        Hymn 29. Exhortation to Prayer
        Hymn 30. The Light and Glory of the Word
        Hymn 31. On the Death of a Minister
        Hymn 32. The Shining Light
        Hymn 34. Seeking the Beloved
        Hymn 35. Light Shining out of Darkness
        Hymn 36. Welcome Cross
        Hymn 37. Afflictions Sanctified by the Word
        Hymn 38. Temptation
        Hymn 39. Looking Upwards in a Storm
        Hymn 40. The Valley of the Shadow of Death
        Hymn 41. Peace after a Storm
        Hymn 42. Mourning and Longing
        Hymn 43. Self-Acquaintance
        Hymn 44. Prayer for Patience
        Hymn 45. Submission
        Hymn 46. The Hapy Change
        Hymn 47. Retirement
        Hymn 48. The Hidden Life
        Hymn 49. Joy and Peace in Believing
        Hymn 50. True Pleasures
        Hymn 51. The Christian
        Hymn 52. Lively Hope, and Gracious Fear
        Hymn 53. For the Poor
        Hymn 54. My Soul Thirsteth for God
        Hymn 55. Love Constrained to Obedience
        Hymn 56. The Heart Healed and Changed by Mercy
        Hymn 57. Hatred of Sin
        Hymn 58. The New Convert
        Hymn 59. True and False Comforts
        Hymn 60. A Living and a Dead Faith
        Hymn 61. Antinomians
        Hymn 62. The Narrow Way
        Hymn 63. Dependence
        Hymn 64. Not of Works
        Hymn 65. Praise for Faith
        Hymn 66. Grace and Providence
        Hymn 67. I Will Praise the Lord at All Times
        A Song of Mercy and Judgment
        To Jesus, the Crown of my Hope