Responsibilities (1914)

        Pardon, old fathers, if you still remain
        The Grey Rock
        To a Wealthy Man who promised a second Subscription to the Dublin Municipal Gallery if it were proved the People wanted Pictures
        September 1913
        To a Friend whose Work has come to Nothing
        To a Shade
        When Helen lived
        On Those that hated „The Playboy of the Western World,“ 1907
        The Three Beggars
        The Three Hermits
        Beggar to Beggar cried
        Running to Paradise
        The Hour before Dawn
        A Song from „The Player Queen“
        The Realists
        I. The Witch
        II. The Peacock
        The Mountain Tomb
        I. To a Child dancing in the Wind
        II. Two Years Later
        A Memory of Youth
        Fallen Majesty
        The Cold Heaven
        That the Night come
        An Appointment
        The Magi
        The Dolls
        A Coat
        While I, that reed-throated whisperer