Andre digte

        Behold, love, thy power how she dispiseth
        Yf it be so that I forsake the
        Goo, burnyng sighes, Vnto the frosen hert
        What vaileth trouth or by it to take payn
        Helpe me to seke for I lost it there
        Thou hast no faith of him that hath none
        Ye old mule that think your self so fayre
        What no, perdy, ye may be sure!
        Caesar, when that the traytour of Egipt
        The longe love that in my thought doeth harbar
        Who so list to hounte, I know where is an hynde
        Was I never yet of your love greeved
        Yf amourous faith, an hert vnfayned
        My hert I gave the, not to do it payn
        Som fowles there be that have so perfaict sight
        I fynde no peace and all my warr is done
        My galy charged with forgetfulnes
        Farewell, Love, and all thy lawes for ever
        Alas, madame, for stelyng of a kysse
        Some tyme I fled the fyre that me brent
        Syghes ar my foode, drynke are my teares
        Through out the world, if it wer sought
        They fle from me that sometyme did me seke
        Blame not my lute for he must sownd
        Madame, withouten many wordes
        What menythe thys when I lye alone?
        When first mine eyes did view, and marke
        Ons as me thought fortune me kyst
        My lute, awake! perfourme the last