Delia (1592)

Contayning certayne Sonnets: with the complaint of Rosamund

        To The Right Honourable the Ladie Mary, Countesse of Pembroke
        To Delia
        Sonnet I (Vnto the boundles Ocean of thy beautie)
        Sonnet II (Goe wailing verse, the infants of my loue)
        Sonnet III (If so it hap this of-spring of my care)
        Sonnet IIII (These plaintiue verse, the Posts of my desire)
        Sonnet V (Whilst youth and error led my wandring minde)
        Sonnet VI (Faire is my loue, and cruell as sh'is faire)
        Sonnet VII (O had she not beene faire and thus vnkinde)
        Sonnet VIII (Thou poore hart sacrifiz'd vnto the fairest)
        Sonnet IX (If this be loue, to drawe a weary breath)
        Sonnet X (O then I loue, and drawe this weary breath)
        Sonnet XI (Teares, vowes, and prayers win the hardest hart)
        Sonnet XII (My spotles loue hoouers with white wings)
        Sonnet XIII (Behold what happe Pigmaleon had to frame)
        Sonnet XIIII (Those amber locks, are those same nets my deere)
        Sonnet XV (If that a loyall hart and faith vnfained)
        Sonnet XVI (Happie in sleepe, waking content to languish)
        Sonnet XVII (Since the first looke that led me to this error)
        Sonnet XVIII (Restore thy tresses to the golden Ore)
        Sonnet XIX (If Beautie thus be clouded with a frowne)
        Sonnet XX (Come death the Anchor-holde of all my thoughtes)
        Sonnet XXI (These sorrowing sighes, the smaokes of mine annoy)
        Sonnet XXII (False hope prolongs my euer certaine griefe)
        Sonnet XXIII (Looke in my griefes, and blame me not to morne)
        Sonnet XXIIII (Oft and in vaine my rebel thoughts haue ventred)
        Sonnet XXV (Raigne in my thoughts faire hand, sweete eye, rare voyce)
        Sonnet XXVI (Whilst by her eyes pursu'd, my poore hart flew it)
        Sonnet XXVII (The starre of my mishappe impos'd this payning)
        Sonnet XXVIII (Raysing my hopes on hills of high desire)
        Sonnet XXIX (O why dooth Delia credite so her glasse)
        Sonnet XXX (I once may see when yeeres shall wrecke my wronge)
        Sonnet XXXI (Looke Delia how wee steeme the half-blowne Rose)
        Sonnet XXXII (But loue whilst that thou maist be lou'd againe)
        Sonnet XXXIII (When men shall finde thy flowre, thy glory passe)
        Sonnet XXXIIII (When Winter snowes vpon thy golden heares)
        Sonnet XXXV (Thou canst not dye whilst any zeale abounde)
        Sonnet XXXVI (O be not grieu'd that these my papers should)
        Sonnet XXXVII (Delia these eyes that so admireth thine)
        Sonnet XXXVIII (Faire and louely maide, looke from the shore)
        Sonnet XXXIX (Reade in my face, a volume of despayres)
        Sonnet XL (My Cynthia hath the waters of mine eyes)
        Sonnet XLI (How long shall I in mine affliction morne)
        Sonnet XLII (Beautie, sweet loue, is like the morning dewe)
        Sonnet XLIII (I must not grieue my Loue, whose eyes would reede)
        Sonnet XLIIII (Drawne with th'attractiue vertue of her eyes)
        Sonnet XLV (Care-charmer sleepe, sonne of the Sable night)
        Sonnet XLVI (Let others sing of Knights and Palladines)
        Sonnet XLVII (Like as the Lute that ioyes or els dislikes)
        Sonnet XLVIII (None other fame myne vnambitious Muse)
        Sonnet XLIX (Vnhappy pen and ill accepted papers)
        Sonnet L (Loe heere the impost of a faith vnfaining)
        An Ode